Monday, June 15, 2009


I REALLY want to smoke a cigarette and drink a margarita right now.  Or a beer.  A beer sounds good.  And a hot dog.

I think I'm going to have to join Overeaters Anonymous.  Seriously.  I just can't seem to control myself for any longer than a few days.  I mean, how much food does one person need?  Not over 2,000 calories, I can tell you that.  

Perhaps I need a hypnotist.  Someone to convince me I want salad instead of mexican food.  Or a hot dog.  With mustard and relish.  And onions.

I do have to say I feel better if I don't eat meat, bread or sugar.  My mood is better, I sleep better and I generally am able to deal with life better.  So why would I want to eat cheese or toast with butter (oooh, butter!)?  Why does my brain think that will make me feel good, when I know from experience that it will only make me feel good for a little while?  I know that later I will feel sluggish and gross and my stomach will be upset and I'll be all "Tums!  Where are my Tums?!"  

Damn immediate gratification.  I'm stuck in an abusive relationship with it.

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