Tuesday, August 25, 2009

All I want to eat is watermelon and guacamole. Not together. Just one right after the other.

Maybe it is just because it has been so hot and those are really refreshing foods. It is a bit of an odd combination of cravings. But soooo tasty. Eating soy crisps for dinner, as I'm not really hungry for anything. Except guac and watermelon, which I already had for lunch.

My god this blog is boring. Whose idea was this? I'd better start doing some crazy things like going on wild diets (no thank you) or picking up smoking as a diet aid (as if coffee doesn't make me crazy enough).

Ok, well, my job is certainly helping in my quest to drop some weight. I was stuck at court yesterday trying to deal with that same judge as before, and I was only able to have a bottle of water for lunch. In the meantime, he kept me running from office to office, floor to floor to try to get another order signed. No wonder I dropped half a pound yesterday. Which I will put back on by finishing this stupid bag of soy crisps.

Whole Foods Soy Crispettes in Sea Salt, per serving: 120 cal.; 3g fat; 8g protein

I just ate 420 calories. And some grapes.

At least it wasn't an entire bag of cheetohs and some birthday cake.

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