Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 4

Alright, this is the vegan deliciousness I've been eating:

At Benny's Burritos, I had nachos with soy cheese and tofu sour cream. I was sure the soy cheese would be gross, but it was really good!

This is a lunch I have often, from 'Wichcraft, a Tom Colicchio (from Top Chef) restaurant. Marinated chick peas, with green olives, red peppers and preserved lemons. So delicious. It is one of my favorites.

Chocolate layer cake from Cocoa V. Blay's cupcake is vegan, too. Really, really satisfying.

Oh, that cake was good.

Today was a tough day. We had a celebration at work where there were two of my very favorite things - champagne and, well, cupcakes, but it's not the cupcakes that I love, it is the frosting. I love frosting. And even though I had that cake last night (see above), I still really wanted a cupcake. And champagne. And also a Big Mac.

But I didn't have the champagne or the frosting or the Big Mac. I had a banana and Pop Chips instead. On to Day 5.

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