Monday, May 23, 2011

Like, day 1000 or something

How long have I been doing this? I want some cheese.

I went out to dinner Friday night, and was hoping for some wine. The restaurant had a bunch of their menu items marked "vegan", so I thought maybe they'd have vegan wines. I asked.

"All wines are vegan," the waiter answered. I didn't really explain to him why they aren't, but he pointed out a kosher wine on the menu. "That would probably be good for you," he offered. "Ok," I said, "I'll have that." "Oh, sorry. We're out of that. Can I get you something else?" I said I'd just have a Heineken, then. "Oh, we're out of Heineken," he said.

So I ordered a slushy thing instead.

Last Thursday I got invited to the Jazz Foundation concert, which had a dinner afterward. The waitstaff walked around offering wine. The woman had two bottles, and asked my friend Meredith if she wanted red or white. "What kind of wine is it," she asked, meaning the type of grape. "Red or white," the lady answered. I figured then and there that it was probably fairly useless to ask if the wines were vegan or not.

Erica came out to my desk the other day and announced "Ok, fine. I'll go eat vegan with you."
Now, I'm not forcing anyone else to eat vegan with me. If people want to go out, I'll go with them and try to eat or drink vegan within the confines of that restaurant. But it is really nice when someone is willing to go try out a vegan place with me. We went to Candle Cafe where EVERYTHING is vegan. Even the wine. Hooray for vegan wine!

I had the sprout salad. It had a lotta sprouts. But it was yummy.

I just saw a commercial for Kraft macaroni and cheese. Whimper.

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  1. It looks like all the Yellowtail wines are Vegan. They're cheap and plentiful, which is my favorite kind of wine.