Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well, I had these great photos of the dinner Flay and I had the other night at Blossom, a vegan restaurant. It was so delicious that I forgot to take any pictures until I was on the third bite in.

I just tried to save the photos to my computer, but the application "unexpectedly" closed and I lost the pictures in the process.


This probably wouldn't happen if I had iCloud.

Too bad there isn't some way I could recreate it. It was a wonderful dinner. We started with a black-eye pea cake and some kind of ravioli thingy with mushrooms. Then we had some other stuff. Honestly I can't remember what else. Hence the reason for the pictures. Oh, yes! The phyllo roulade - that's what I had. I don't remember what was in it, but it was quite tasty, too, and I ate every bite.

Oh, but that black-eyed pea cake. So good. Oooooooo - and the coconut milk creme brulee. Delish. I had a picture of that, too. Definitely not gross.


I was talking to my sister today about veganism, and I was telling her how much better I feel. I just don't feel...gross...after I eat. I feel good. Even and balanced. It's nice.

My sister asked me what I thought it was that I wasn't eating that made me feel...gross...before. I think it is the dairy, honestly, and not eating a bunch of processed foods. I miss processed foods.

Then we started talking about sugar and how addictive it can be. Here's a good article about sugar and how your body processes it. Hmmmm. Maybe next I'll do no sugar. A word to the wise, though. If you read here that I am doing it - you might want to avoid me for the first week or so. I imagine sugar detox will make me really gross.


The other really great thing about veganism is the pooping. Yes, I'm talking about it. I've never had any problems in that department, but I have to say this - the pooping is very quick and easy. Lickety-split. And easy clean up, too. In and out. I know, I know, gross! But seriously, I highly recommend it.

It'll put a spring in your step. And keep you from feeling...gross.

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